SSTC International Academy (SSTC-IA) constitutes one of the 4 schools of SSTC Institute, Singapore, a respected and reputable 4-Year EduTrust Private Education Institution (PEI) that was established in 1978. With the mission of nurturing global citizens who are morally upright, confident, innovative and responsible lifelong learners, we aim to provide a caring, holistic and vibrant learning environment for all of our learners to explore, grow and realise their full potential.

It is the primary objective of SSTC-IA to integrate the capabilities of Educational Technology (EduTech), information technology (IT) and innovative pedagogical approaches to create a vibrant, robust and unique teaching and learning environment through which course delivery can be well adjusted to meet varying students’ needs and learning styles.

To this aim, SSTC-IA offers the United Kingdom’s (UK) Education Qualifications aligning to the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore’s quality and standards in the delivery of the various academic subjects.

SSTC-IA provides affordable international education that is comparable to none comprising of the Year 1 – Year 12 Education Pathway for children and youths to experience the Cambridge Primary Curriculum (CPC) progressing to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and finally clinching their International Advanced Level (IAL) at Year 12 that will enable them to seek admissions to universities worldwide.

The Philosophy of Education at SSTC-IA is encouraging each and every student to explore education with an inquisitive mind, simultaneously building up their character to become morally upright learners who are able to thrive in the 21st Century and beyond.