Guided by our values, SSTC seeks to build our students, staff and resources in a manner that will empower us to make educated choices and decisions in an integrated nature of personal development.



SSTC’s professional student services staff will pre-arrange an appointment for students to collect their student pass at ICA. As students may be unfamiliar with Singapore, our staff will personally bring them to ICA.


If required by ICA, SSTC’s staff will arrange to accompany the student for their medical check-up before the collection of the students pass. This is just one of the many value-added services we provide at no additional cost. However the fee for the medical check-up is payable by the student directly to the clinic. to ensure that they arrive there safely and within the appointed time.


Our friendly SSTC student services officers will advise the students on how to start a bank account so that their parents can transfer funds to them easily. For younger students, our staff will accompany them to the bank.


SSTC provides orientation for newly-enrolled students to help them settle in at SSTC.

Areas Covered in Orientation include:

  • About SSTC
  • Mission, vision and core values
  • Summary of school rules and regulations
  • School holidays
  • Fire evacuation instruction
  • Amenities & useful contacts

Standard procedures including:

  • Course deferment/transfer/extension criteria & procedures
  • Expulsion conditions

Student’s rights on the following:

  • Feedback & Complaints policy & procedures
  • Fee protection scheme
  • Reference to CPE’s official website

Important course information including (to be covered by the PM (Programme Manager) on a separate orientation if applicable):

  • Course schedule & timetable
  • Course assessment information (assessment frequency & schedule, assessment modes, grading & award criteria and assessment weighting)

After attending a general orientation session, students will have an opportunity to give their feedback on various matters, including accuracy of SSTC publication materials, quality of pre-course counselling they received, quality of services rendered by agents (if applicable) and SSTC staff, and usefulness of the orientation.


SSTC provides pastoral counseling service to its students on various issues to help them achieve their academic goals at SSTC and in their future academic pursuit. Students are welcome to approach teachers, Territory Managers (TMs), Programme Managers (PMs), Student Counselor or any other SSTC staff to discuss their concerns. SSTC counselors will provide necessary guidance, advice or information, or take actions to assist them if applicable.

Issues to be counseled on

  • Difficulties in adapting to the local environment due to homesickness or depression
  • Difficulties caused by heavy course demands or poor academic performance
  • Difficulties experienced by family/health problems
  • Having problems in attendance or conduct
  • Guidance on career planning or academic pathway


Guided by our values, SSTC seeks to build our resources, our students and staff, in a manner that will empower us to    make educated choices and decisions in an integrated nature of personal development in the following areas:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Moral

SSTC’s Holistic Development is based on the premise that each individual finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through community outreach and through partnership that leads to cohesiveness amongst our students and staff while strengthening our personal human development with equity and social justice.

To meet the challenge, we strive to cultivate a Holistic Family Culture through our core values of S-P-I-R-I-TSincerity, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Innovativeness and Trustworthiness.

We seek to accomplish this by offering opportunities for our students and staff to assimilate and unify in ways that will support each other and the greater community. These involvements include organizing and participating in events that precedes the objective of fostering a culture of FAMILY at SSTC and strengthening our mission as we support each other in defining one’s own VISION.