Studying in a foreign land is both an adventure and a journey of discovery. For parents, it is an investment on their child’s future. At SSTC Institute, we understand that.


At the point of entry, our dedicated staff will explain every detail of studying in our school and help each foreign student find a suitable lodging when they sign up. We conduct orientation for new students and find out how they are fitting into their lessons. Our teaching staff also keep track of individual student’s progress.


Other than academic delivery, we strongly belief in establishing good physical health. As such, we have opened a café to ensure our students can purchase or have their meals in the café. We have also incorporated exercise on Wednesday afternoons, where students participate in some form of physical exercise to maintain good health.


Our dedicated staff treat all students like their very own children. For this very same reason, our students continue to come back and visit us, keep in contact on Facebook, and contact our teaching staff even after they have graduated.