Certificate in General English

The English Language is the most important language in international education, business, communication, and many other fields in today’s rapidly globalising world. Whether your ultimate goal is to study overseas, to get a good job, or just to enhance your communication skills, improving your English proficiency through our Certificate in General English will empower you to succeed!

This programme is designed to improve the core skill areas of English Language Proficiency.  There are 3 modules, in which equal emphasis is placed in every module, on the 5 key skills of:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Use (Grammar)

Each module focuses on thorough knowledge of grammar and vocabulary building. Even though the course content at each level may be demanding, the teachers are supportive and encouraging of the learning needs and capabilities of each individual student.  Learning also becomes an enjoyable experience without the pressure of formal examinations. The programme also benefits students preparing for the IELTS test, which is the commonly accepted measure of English language proficiency by universities worldwide.

Programme Structure

Module 1 (IELTS 2.5 or equivalent)

To deal with basic situations, e.g. they can understand simple written English such as short notices, understand simple spoken directions, communicate in familiar situations, use basic phrases and expressions, write short, simple notes and interact with English speakers who speak slowly and clearly.

Module 2 (IELTS 2.5 – 4.5 or equivalent)

To use English language skills to deal with everyday written and spoken communications, e.g. read simple books/textbooks and articles, write simple letters on familiar subjects, make notes during meetings/lessons.

Module 3 (IELTS 4.5 – 5.5 or equivalent)

To provide students with the English language skills required for use in everyday written and spoken English for work and study purposes.

Programme Duration

There are a total of 3 modules. Each module in this course has a 4-month duration. Classes are held Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (inclusive of recess and lunch break).

Flame Methodology

FLAME stands for: First Language Assimilation Method for English, developed by Dr. Robert Balhetchet based on his 40 years of experience in teaching English to foreign students. The FLAME method is a live audio-visual approach that teaches students to learn and assimilate the English language very quickly without use of textbooks, but through an audio imitative process in a contextual situation.  It allows the learner to utilize memory recall in association with his/her own language and experience. The adoption of this process in language learning has proved very effective because of the greater development of the learner’s mind and memory. The situational element of the approach allows the language to be expressed in a cohesive, coherent, interesting and meaningful way that makes sense to the learner.

Mode of Delivery

Our teachers use fun, interactive teaching methods and strategies to enable students to enjoy the learning experience. This approach provides the opportunity for students to develop their self-confidence and social skills that are necessary in their continuous improvement during and after the course.

Admission Criteria

Applicant must be 7 years and older. Completion of a placement test to determine the appropriate skill level. Those attaining higher skill levels will be allowed waiver of modules. Returning students with completed modules will be allowed to enter into the next module.

Graduation Criteria

Average of 65% or higher from 3 monthly assessments in each module. Completion of Module 3 with assessment score of 65% or higher.

Attendance Criteria

All students need to attend at least 75% of classes to be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance. Student Pass holders are required to maintain an attendance of 90% and above to meet the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority requirement.

Assessment / Examination

Assessments are conducted in Week 4 to measure a student’s competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and use of the English language.

Average Teacher to Student Ratio


Programme Intake

Please write in to info@sstc.edu.sg for more information on programme intake dates.

Programme Fees (in Singapore Dollars)

Fees effective from 1 January 2023


Course FeeS$6,083.56
Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance FeeS$200.00
Administrative FeeS$600.00
Assessment FeeS$350.00
Course Materials FeeS$100.00
Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)S$91.67
Application FeeS$600.00
Goods & Services TaxS$642.02


Course FeeS$10,721.83
Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance FeeS$200.00
Administrative FeeS$600.00
Assessment FeeS$550.00
Course Materials FeeS$200.00
Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)S$153.40
Application FeeS$600.00
Goods & Services TaxS$1,042.02


Course FeeS$15,009.35
Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance FeeS$200.00
Administrative FeeS$600.00
Assessment FeeS$750.00
Course Materials FeeS$300.00
Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)S$210.74
Application FeeS$600.00
Goods & Services TaxS$1,413.61

* Note: Fees are subject to change without prior notice

Programme Brochure

Last updated 22 May 2023