The ICDL Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce, education and society. The ICDL certification programmes, delivered through an active network in more than 100 countries, enable individuals and organisations to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of computers and digital tools to the globally-recognised ICDL standard.

This module sets out advanced knowledge relating to planning and designing presentations, as well as the skills needed to produce advanced presentation outputs using a presentation application.

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Class Dates:

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Class Timing:

9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand target audience, venue and technical considerations in presentation planning.
  • Create and modify templates and themes, and work with slide master layouts.
  •  Enhance a presentation using built-in drawing and image tools. Use alternative text for accessibility.
  • Apply advanced chart formatting features and create and edit diagrams.
  • Insert audio and video, create audio and screen recordings, and apply built-in animation features.
  • Use linking, embedding, importing and exporting features to integrate data. Use password protection to secure a presentation.
  • Work with custom slide shows and apply slide show settings. Use presenter view and control a slide show.
  1. Presentation Planning

    1.1 Audience and Environment
    1.2 Design, Content and Layout

  2. Slide Masters and Templates

    2.1 Slide Masters
    2.2 Templates

  3. Graphical Objects

    3.1 Formatting Drawn Objects
    3.2 Formatting Pictures, Images
    3.3 Handling Graphical Objects

  4. Charts and Diagrams

    4.1 Using Charts
    4.2 Using Diagrams

  5. Multimedia

    5.1 Audio, Video
    5.2 Animation

  6. Enhancing Productivity

    6.1 Linking, Embedding
    6.2 Importing, Exporting, Securing

  7. Managing Presentations

    7.1 Custom Shows
    7.2 Slide Show Settings
    7.3 Slide Show Delivery

3 days (24 hours)

23 (Training Hours)
1 (Assessment Hour)

Part Time
Full Time

Demonstrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills (English) at a level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Literacy Level 4.

Demonstrate numeracy skills at a level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Numeracy Level 4.

Course Fee: $540.00
GST: $37.80