This course was designed to provide a suite of design thinking modules that are aligned with the design thinking principles. It is targeted for individuals who are employed in organisations who need to rethink the way they manage people by taking on a human-centred approach to management and supervision. The intent is to create a new pool of workforce who takes on human-centred approaches in designing work processes and tasks for their own department/team.


Class Dates:


Class Timing:

9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

  1. Underpinning knowledge on Design Thinking in Managing People

    This section will cover the underpinning knowledge including: need for change in this era of Industry 4.0; managing the VUCA environment and its risks; Design Thinking basics; Systems Thinking basics; organisational journey and its pivotal moments.

  2. Create the “human centric” leader in you

    This section focuses to look at one’s own professional life and how the learner may be able to start pivoting to a more human centric role.

  3. Develop strategies to achieve business outcomes

    In this section, learners are taught the basics of running an organisation; covering concepts of goal cascading, high level strategy development and implementation of business systems and processes to support corporate governance, usage of policies and procedures, laws and ethics, etc.

  4. Understand an employee of the business

    In this section, learners dive deep into the understanding of a specific persona to help learners understand the process that one goes through from the time one is made aware of the change till the change has been implemented.

  5. Develop People Management strategy using Design Thinking

    This section is where learners will make use of various brainstorming tools to contribute new ideas to address certain touchpoints in People Management and to create better experiences at work, in alignment with the business strategies and goals.

  6. Develop People Management prototypes

    In this section, ideas with an identified solution are then developed into an actual prototype that needs to be presented to the class.

  7. Develop Self for Sustainable Change

    This final section addresses the “Learning to Learn” where learners are asked to identify the skills required to develop human-centric business strategies to promote engagement, ownership and goal achievement and how they can acquire these skills after this course has ended.

2 days (17 hours)

2 (Assessment Hours)
14 (Classroom Training Hours)
1 (eLearning Hours)

Part Time
Full Time

Assumed Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Attitude

Participants are assumed to:

  1. Hold (or have held) positions of Managers or with Supervisory capacity role for at least 6 months over the last 3 years
  2. Possess at least a GCE ‘N’ Levels or equivalent
  3. Be able to read, write and speak in English (WLPN Level 6 and above)


  1. Be able to explain business operations in a company


  1. Be able to manage employees in accordance with prevailing government legislations
  2. Be able to plan, implement and manage projects at the workplace

During the course application, applicants who do not fully meet the entry requirements, will be subject to a counselling session with the customer service executive.

If the applicant would still like to proceed with their enrolment into the course, he/she will have to sign on the counselling form that they are aware of the requirements and commit to personally put in extra efforts to close the gap (e.g. pairing up with their colleague–where available, etc.)


Course Fee: $630.00
GST: $44.10

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

22 April 2019 – 1 April 2021
Payment Type (Approved): Nett Fee (22 April 2019)
Course Classification: Approved for All Companies
Type of Funding: Training Grant and Absentee Payroll Only
Support level: CAT B, WSQ, External, PME (CF with AP) Eligible for MCES, SME, WTS
Cost Components:
Course fee per trainee (excluding GST)
Total Cost of Training Per Trainee:
$630.00 (excluding GST)