SSTC School for Further Education hosted a group of educational officials from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China on 29 October 2013.

Mr Ke Changjun, Vice Mayor of the Jingmen Municipal People’s Government, led the delegation and accompanying him were –

1. Mr Chen Hong, Director –General, The Administration Committee of Jingmen Municipal Vocational Education Group.

2. Mr Jiang Yongli, Deputy Director- General, Jingmen Municipal Bureau of Education.

3. Mr Yuan Ye, President, Jingmen Municipal No.1 Middle School.

4. Mr Meng Xingmin, President, Jingmen Municipal Foreign Language School.

5. Mr Yang Jun, President, Jingmen Municipal Primary Experimental Elementary School.



SSTC School for Further Education’s CEO and Principal, Ms Rose Yeo and Mr Emil Dereinda cordially welcomed our distinguished guests and together with staff and teachers of SSTC, provided the delegates with a touch of SSTC’s Family culture.

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The visit provided the opportunity for further collaboration between SSTC and our Chinese counterparts and our continual efforts to forge reputable relationships and educational partnerships between Singapore and China.

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On behalf of all of us at SSTC School for Further Education, our heartfelt thanks to Mr Ke Chanjun, Vice Mayor of the Jingmen Municipal People’s Government and his esteemed delegates for visiting our Campus.

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