Authorised Agents

SSTC Institute has representatives stationed throughout the region to assist us at the local markets, to help counsel and to recruit students.  All SSTC Institute agents have been appointed by us and their appointments are renewed periodically after an annually review. SSTC provides comprehensive training to all new agents, and provides refresher training and mentorship to existing agents in order to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity. Our recruitment agents play a crucial role in the student recruitment programme of SSTC Institute as they serve as an extension of our eyes, ears and limbs abroad.  They perform a function that is critical to SSTC Institute’s continued growth and success.  As such, we have developed a comprehensive incentive programme that is fair and equitable for all parties. Recruitment agents may gain from progressively more commissions and benefits as they foster closer business ties with and give more support to us.  Agents typically receive a commission of between 10% to 30% aside from other benefits like promotions, advertisement and marketing support. To obtain more details of our Agent Incentive Programme, please contact info@sstc.edu.sg. For anyone interested in becoming an authorised SSTC agent, please download the New Agent Application Form (located at the bottom of the page).

NOTICE TO EXISTING AGENTS: All authorised agents who want to advertise and promote SSTC Institute’s programmmes MUST submit the advertising and promotion materials to SSTC Institute for vetting. Non agents who are interested to promote SSTC programmes MUST apply to be an SSTC Authorised Agents so that the relevant training can be provided to comply with CPE’s Advertising Code and other guidelines. Anyone found to misrepresent SSTC and its programmes will be referred to the relevant authorities for further action.

You may download the Agent Application Form from our

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Authorised Agent List


Chen Xiu Juan01/06/2017-31/05/2018
Shanghai 360 Education Investment Co., Ltd.08/05/2017-07/05/2018

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Chartered Educations Services Pte Ltd01/08/2017-11/05/2018
Chenghe International Education Consultant Centre30/03/2017-29/03/2018
Iknow Education Pte Ltd.04/04/2017-03/04/2018
J-J International Homecare10/01/2017-09/01/2018
Liberal Arts Education Centre Pte Ltd15/06/2017-14/06/2018
MEY Services Pte Ltd08/02/2018 -07/02/2019
My Eduhome Pte. Ltd.02/03/2017-01/03/2018
Neo Sock Keng Serene06/03/2018 - 05/03/2019
Qi Hang Education Service Center14/03/2017-13/03/2018
Resin & Polymeric Technology Pte. Ltd.15/08/2016-14/08/2017
San Huan International Pte Ltd12/03/2018 - 11/03/2019
Sheng Shi Pte Ltd01/12/2017 - 30/11/2018
Sindilia Pte Ltd17/03/2017-16/03/2018
Singapore International Education Holding LLP20/03/2017-19/03/2018
Singapore Student Services02/02/2018 -01/02/2019
Singwell Consultant14/04/2017-13/04/2018
Triumphstone Singapore Pte Ltd31/07/2017-30/07/2018
US Pacific International LLP15/03/2017-14/03/2018
VIETSING24H30/04/2017- 29/04/2018
Wishfulfilling Homestay and Guardian22/06/2017-21/06/2018


Image Edutainment & Travel Company Limited09/02/2018 - 08/02/2019
Learning Curve Co Ltd15/03/2018 – 14/03/2019
Rian Singapore Dot Com Limited Partnership14/02/2018 – 13/02/2019
SAT Educations Center Ordinary Partnership26/02/2018-25/02/2019
Wisdom House Education And Travel Partnership15/03/2018 – 14/03/2019


Duc Anh A&T Co. Ltd.06/06/2017-05/06/2018


ELC Education17/01/2018
Enlighten Education Group24/01/2018
SUN Education Group28/01/2018
Star Alliance Education31/01/2018
ACE Education03/02/2018
A-Care Edu Consultancy (f.k.a. U Care Edu Consultancy)05/02/2018
Fan HaiYing05/02/2018
Golden Bridge Management Pte Ltd05/02/2018
Liu Huangsheng05/02/2018
Learning Curve Co., Ltd.08/02/2018
ANZ Education Centre Co.,Ltd09/02/2018
Changchun City Zhaoyang District Xinmeiri Training Center09/02/2018
Rian Singapore Dot Com Limited Partnership09/02/2018
Emplify Group Pte Ltd13/02/2018
Heartlink Communications Pte Ltd15/02/2018
Lin Liying16/02/2018
Singalpha Consulting Pte Ltd18/02/2018
Universal Services18/02/2018
Central Education Services22/02/2018
Singapore Committee of Higher Education Development22/02/2018
WeWin Education Centre Pte. Ltd.24/02/2018
Asia Link International Services26/02/2018
Chan Kian Kee26/02/2018
DACM Services Pte. Ltd.28/02/2018
HeFei Jiaowai Education Consulting Co., Ltd28/02/2018
Shanghai Huashen International Education Co., Ltd.28/02/2018